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Writing A Book | Forex & Happiness I'm writing a book! I'm writing a book about my experience and journey as a Forex trader. The book will be for anyone looking to learn how to trade the markets and live a happier life. One of the main reasons for writing a blog post about this is because It's forcing me to finish it. I'm currently working on the book have been for a few months but recently the amount of time I have put into the book has reduced.

I want to share some of the book in this blog post and It would be great if anyone reading this can comment below or reach out on social media. Just give me some feedback or advice to provide a better book. If you are reading this and thinking about something I missed or maybe skipped over too fast, it would be great to hear from you.

Trading is something where there are no certainties. Throughout this book, I will mention that you should do something or that I have done something that I think could benefit you. Of course, I do not know where you are in your journey and I do not know what you want out of life. I am only giving you advice that I would have liked to receive when I started trading. Throughout life, you will have to put faith in the process of learning and understanding that great things do not happen overnight. A lot of this book will be motivational, inspirational, or hard truths that I will ramble on about. Even though the motivation, inspiration, and hard truths are not something everyone wants to hear or even cares about, it’s very important that you have all of these. Either you get it from me or yourself. You need to have the motivation and drive to learn how to trade because it’s not something that can be done overnight. Even though a lot of traders show that it can be. If it was so easy to be a consistently profitable trader, why do over 90% of traders lose money? Put the time in and actually work. If you go to university you have to put in 3 years at least. Put 3 years into trading and pretend that you have lessons, lectures, and practical work to do. Force yourself to actually put the work in like you have no choice. You will soon find out if you only learned about trading for some quick money or a dopamine hit.

When I started trading years ago, I thought it was amazing and I had no idea what I was doing. The more I understood, the less confident I became. Over the years of putting hours in every day, It will click. It clicked for me when I created a strategy and backtested the strategy for a week, 7 hours a day. Writing down all the information I could about the strategy and tweaking it. Only then, did I have confidence in my trading strategy. The next step is having a strong mental game which includes confidence, mental clarity, happiness, and routines.

My journey as a trader started before I was a user experience designer and I hope that I can keep trading for many years to come. I have been trading for multiple years now and have an understanding of the markets that enables me to trade. I used to think the more I knew about the markets, the more money I would make but I recently discovered just how wrong that is. I will talk more about the psychology of trading and why I now understand what It takes to be a consistently profitable trader later in the book. I have always been interested in money and started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of six when I would buy and sell sweets at school. I never thought about it as a business or that I can apply this to my life later down the road. I just loved the process of selling sweets to the other kids at school. I loved knowing that I could buy something at a low price or get something for free and sell it at a high price. Many people do this now with flipping on sites where they buy something for cheap overseas and then sell it for higher locally. The same, very simple concept applies to trading. Buying a currency or stock online and then selling it at a price to someone else for a profit or loss. If you buy or sell the product (currency or stock) for the right price and manage to find someone who will pay a better price, you make money. Throughout school, I was a D grade student, and thought that I was going to fail in life. I never messed around too much in school and really tried to apply myself and learn but I could never focus or learn what the school system wanted me to learn. I know understand that school was not something I needed to focus on and I should be focusing on self-education. Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. Once I left school, I realised I needed to learn something by myself and not have someone at the front of the class lecture me on something I'm not interested in. I realised I’m not someone who wants to work a 9-5 and live taking orders from other people. I never enjoyed getting told what to do and understood that I can do things my own way and succeed. I’m sure that if you are reading this book, you could be the same as me.

Thank you for reading some of the book. I understand grammar and other aspects need to change possibly and I will probably change half of this anyway but if you have any feedback that would be great! Thank you

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