• Jacob Rudge

How To Ignore The Bullshi*

How To Ignore The Bullshi* In what context? I'm talking about how to ignore people when they have a bias or a reason to talk. For example, lots of people on social media and tv are paid to say certain things or get views. Most of the time, the actual content is against your own interest and its something you should ignore. I am writing about this because I have recently started a stock portfolio when the whole world is looking at the market and panicking.

Ignoring the crowd is something more people need to do. The majority hate their job, the majority struggle with finance, and the majority struggle. If you ignore the majority and focus on people that have already succeeded. Learn and follow successful people and take notes. Implement what they do each day and slowly improve because over time, you will start to see results.

In terms of investors on Youtube and other social media platforms, all I see nowadays Is about a market crash. I am completely ignoring it. Investing in the stock market for the long-run has no influence on right now. If you invest consistently over the long term, historically you will make money. Trying to time the market is something you should only do if you are short term speculating or trying to squeeze the market for every penny. Doing that does not work. Tony Robbins spoke about this a lot on videos and in his book about building wealth through investing. Invest over the long term and use something call dollar-cost averaging. Ignore the media, ignore everything because most people don't know anything.

I recently started a stock portfolio as I previously mentioned. I have invested just over £100 now in around 14 stocks. I know that Is a lot but I have used fractional shares and I am to build it over time. These stocks are long term investments and I will not be touching them for many years to come. Learning to ignore the crowd is something you will need to do if you want to be successful. The majority are just wrong about managing money and creating wealth.

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