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My Design Portfolio

Hi, and welcome to my design portfolio. My name is Jacob Rudge and I am a designer based in the UK. I have 5 years of design experience including, 2 pages published in Match of the Day magazine, branding for multiple businesses across Europe, user experience for TopCashback and photography featured in a magazine. I will be showing my work in this blog post, along with my thoughts and process. Throughout my portfolio, I will show some of the projects that I have enjoyed working on. These projects are all real and have been set by a company or employer.

Match of the Day magazine

I had the opportunity to do one-week work experience with Immediate Media whilst at college. This was an opportunity that I was given due to knowing someone in the company and I reached out to see if I could do some work experience. I took a week out from college to go down to London and learn from professional designers. Towards the end of the week, I was given an A4 sheet with text and titles on and was told that I could have a go at designing a page. I was told to design the page using this sheet and to make sure I involved all of the details. I used Indesign for the editorial layout and Photoshop to cutout images. I really appreciated this experience because I had never worked in an environment like this before and It gave me lessons that I could not have got in the classroom.

TradeHappy Branding

TradeHappy is a company that was formed in 2019 by myself to help people learn how to trade the markets but also how to be happier. Nowadays hustling and working for long hours is something everyone wants to do and I thought people should be focusing on happiness instead. Combing trading the markets and mental health/lifestyle together to create TradeHappy. A Platform For Traders Around The World To Become Happy And Consistently Profitable. The branding needed to align with this and give the potential customers this message when seeing the brand. Understanding that a brand is more than a logo and that everything TradeHappy does, needed to reflect its core mission.

User Experience/User Interface Design

Throughout my placement year at TopCashback, I had multiple projects working on the website and app. This gave me the chance to do user journeys, user testing and design where analytical data and result based design was used. I really enjoyed being able to find a problem on the site and then working with teams across the company to find a solution through design. I used Google Analytics and CrazyEgg to find patterns or areas of improvement on the site and then using that data to build a report. This report would then be presented to the team and we would find a solution together. The solution would then be in my hands to design and take forward, along with feedback from team members.

I have also created over seventy designs in my own time. These designs are just for fun and It gives me a chance to design for people/companies I like.

If you are looking to download my portfolio that has more of my designs in, use the link below:

Portfolio PDF Downlaod


About Me

I'm a 22-year-old Forex trader, founder and creative

living in the UK. I'm a university student studying user

experience design and I have been working with companies all around Europe to help them with branding and creative work. I have been trading the foreign exchange markets for 3 years now and this is a blog combining Forex trading, entrepreneurship and creativity.

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